Best Home Depot Tomato Cages to Support Your Plants

best home depot tomato cages

Rarely do I ever grow tomatoes without a support structure. I think in all my years of gardening, there may have been one or two indeterminate tomato plants that I let grow without support. But that is something I don’t think I will try again. I just think a cage, or at least a stake, is invaluable to tomato plants.

If you have been wondering whether or not you should bother with cages for your tomato plants, let me encourage you to get some. Here are four reasons why I think tomato cages are invaluable:

  1. A cage allows the tomato plant to vine vertically, thus saving useful garden space
  2. A cage lifts the tomato plant off the ground, thus reducing the risk of water or soil-borne diseases
  3. A cage provides protection from small animals that would like to munch away at the growing fruits
  4. A cage is more accommodating to gardeners when they need to prune or harvest the tomato plant

Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you of the benefits of using a tomato cage. If they have, then let’s look at some of the best on the market. Specifically, I want to explore Home Depot tomato cages.

Bottom Line Upfront

Gardeners are busy people who don’t want to spend their time reading articles all day; we just have too much fun playing in the dirt. Since I know how busy you are, I want to share some of my conclusions up front. I hope you read the entire article on a rainy day, but the following will do for now.

I have examined and tried a lot of Home Depot tomato cages, but none of them quite compare to the Glamos Wire Tomato Cages. I prefer square-shaped cages, and this one is built to last. 

Glamos Wire Tomato Cages | Amazon

Powdered Coated on Galvanized wire. Heavy Duty Supports for your Tomoto plants or any other Plant needing support.

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03/08/2024 09:41 am GMT

My Top Picks at a Glance

Because of their outstanding qualities, these are the five Home Depot tomato cages I recommend:

  1. Glamos Wire Tomato CagesThis is my favorite option by far. It is the combination of shape and material that makes me so fond of this product. I think you will agree that the heavy-duty metal and square shape are truly excellent features.
  2. Vevor Heavy-duty Tomato Cages – When it comes to versatility, this product wins out. I like this option because I can fold, flex, and manipulate the ten cages included in the pack into whatever size or shape I need. That’s a winning feature in my book.
  3. Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Ultomato Tomato Cage – Triangles are a sturdy shape, and this product proves it.  When I use one of these in my garden, I know my plants are safe. Another plus of using this particular cage is that it blends right into all the garden greenery with excellence.
  4. Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Poles – DIY is popular, at least in my house. If you’re anything like me, you kind of want to set up your lawn and garden to suit your style. And that is why I love these bamboo poles. Sure, I use them to support tomato plants, but they also allow me to let my creativity loose to do a bunch of other garden projects.
  5. Glamos Wire A-Frame Trellis – Indeterminate tomatoes love this option even more than I do. I might be stretching it here, but I’m pretty sure my tomato plants begin celebrating once I set up this a-frame trellis in the garden. It’s just a really happy place for them to grow, and that makes me happy too.

Tips for Selecting a Tomato Cage

tomato cages

Before you head over to your local Home Depot or log on to their website, you should take a moment to learn how to select a tomato cage. This decision is actually more important than you might think. If you get the wrong tomato cage, you could end up hurting or killing your tomato plants. Let’s avoid that.

  • The first thing you should find out is if your tomato plants are determinate or indeterminate. If they are indeterminate, you don’t need a cage; you need a trellis. Don’t worry, I have one of those to recommend as well.
  • The second thing you should find out is how tall your determined tomato plants will grow. Whichever cage you select should be as tall or taller than your tomato plants. When you use your math skills, you will need to take into consideration that 8” of the tomato cage will be stuck in the ground.
  • The third thing you should consider is weight. Tomato plants will get heavy as they grow and produce fruit, so don’t get a cage that is built of flimsy materials.
  • The fourth and final thing you should consider is shape. Physics proves that some shapes are sturdier than others.  When it comes to your tomato plants, be sure to choose a shape that can withstand unpredictable spring and summer weather. I recommend square cages, but spherical and triangular cages work well too.

Selection Criteria

To be included in my list of recommendations, a tomato cage must meet the following criteria:

  • The cage must be made from a sturdy material
  • The cage must be a certain shape (no cone-shaped cages for me)
  • The cage must have at least a 4-star rating

Product Recommendations

The Best Overall: Glamos Wire Tomato Cages

home depot tomato cages


  • 42” tall
  • 18” wide
  • Constructed from galvanized steel
  • Square shaped
  • Silver colored
  • Returnable within 90 days of purchase
  • Collapsible for easy storage

Why I Recommend this Product:

Just scan the specifications of these cages, and you’ll understand why this product is my pick for best overall. I like these cages because they are built in a sturdy shape with galvanized steel. They can hold up the weight of many tomatoes and withstand the unpredictable weather of the Midwest. I also like that the cages collapse, so they are easy to stow away for the winter.


  • Built with galvanized steel
  • Built with a square shape
  • Built for easy set-up and storage
  • Includes five cages per pack
  • The product can be delivered to the store or home


  • Slightly expensive option

Glamos Wire Tomato Cages | Amazon

Powdered Coated on Galvanized wire. Heavy Duty Supports for your Tomoto plants or any other Plant needing support.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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The Most Versatile: Vevor Heavy-Duty Tomato Cages

vevor tomato cage


  • 46” tall
  • 11” wide
  • Designed to be set in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Built with steel wire
  • Built to fold flat

Why I Recommend this Product:

I view this product as a highly versatile and functional garden tool. Because it can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes, I feel that I can use it for any of my tomato plants. Plus, the package comes with ten individual cages, so there is plenty of wire to go around.


  • Includes ten cages per pack
  • Built with a flexible and foldable design
  • Built to assemble into a variety of shapes
  • Built for easy set-up and storage
  • Built to hold 22 lbs.
  • Reasonably priced


  • The metal frame is not extremely sturdy

Vevor Heavy-Duty Tomato Cages | Amazon

 Our heavy-duty tomato cages provide strong support for your fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other climbing plants. The excellent functions of interlock design, DIY combination, and compact storage, will give you a great harvest in the next growing season.

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The Best Triangular-shaped: Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Ultomato Tomato Cage

garden blue ribbon


  • 60” tall
  • 12” wide
  • 9 adjustable arms
  • Plastic-coated metal frame

Why I Recommend this Product:

I can get behind this product because it makes growing vining tomatoes a lot easier. Yes, it will support bush-like determinate tomatoes, but also some indeterminate tomatoes as well. The color is another feature that I really love about this product. My personal opinion is that a green support structure doesn’t look as out-of-place as some silvery metal frame.


  • Built to handle tall tomato plants (up to 5 feet)
  • Built into a sturdy triangular shape
  • The metal frame is plastic coated to resist rusting
  • Designed with adjustable arms that can be moved around as the plant grows
  • Designed to fold flat for easy storage


  • Requires some assemblage
  • The wireframe is not extremely sturdy

Gardener's Blue Ribbon TMC60 1-Pack Ultomato Tomato Plant Cage | Amazon

California Plastics Ultomato with Display Ultomato tomato plant cage has been designed specifically for growing tomato plants and other climbing fruits and vegetables.

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The Best DIY: Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Poles

Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Poles


  • 72” tall
  • 25 poles per pack
  • Versatile size and shape

Why I Recommend this Product:

What’s not to love about a bamboo pole? They are so versatile that they can be used to create almost anything you want in your backyard. Go beyond building a teepee-style tomato cage and use these poles as a decorative edging, an outdoor coffee table, or a unique garden bench. I don’t think you can go wrong with a bamboo pole.  So, I say, get a few to keep around – just in case.


  • Can be used to create a wide variety of garden or yard paraphernalia
  • Versatile in size and shape
  • Durable material
  • A natural material that blends well into a garden setting


  • Bamboo deteriorates after time
  • Must be assembled
  • Does not include design plans
  • Does not include items to bind the poles together

FOREVER BAMBOO BAMA-BP12 Bamboo Poles Garden Stakes | Amazon
$40.45 ($1.62 / Count)

A renewable resource, bamboo stakes offers many practical applications as an alternative to traditional wood products. Poles can be used as bamboo stakes for gardening. Use as stakes for tomato plants or stakes for garden edging.

Buy at Amazon
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02/18/2024 04:31 pm GMT

The Best Trellis: Glamos Wire A-Frame Trellis

5pcs pole


  • 42” tall
  • Includes five trellises per pack
  • Folds flat
  • Sets up easily
  • Built of galvanized steel

Why I Recommend this Product:

This is the product that I use for my indeterminate tomato plants. Since this type of tomato is unpredictable in size, but still in need of vining support, this trellis is the best option. 

I love that it is multifaceted. This trellis can be used to support tomato plants (my primary reason for using them), and they can be used to brighten up my lawn with decorative features. Just imagine a trellis along the top of your garden fence and how many beautiful vining flowers you could grow there.


  • Built from galvanized steel
  • Designed for all types of vining plants
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Designed to fold flat for easy storage
  • Can be used for a wide variety of garden features


  • Design and assembly are required 

Glamos Wire A-Frame Trellis | Amazon
$58.20 ($11.64 / Count)

Glamos Wire Products is a 4th generation family owned business since 1899. We offer products for the Lawn & Garden, Recycling and Concrete Industries. We also offer quotes for Custom Wire Forms, Straight and Cut Wire and Ring forms based on your specifications.

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Question: How Do I Set Up a Tomato Cage?

Answer: Setting up a tomato cage is not complicated, but the process is important. If you don’t do it right, not only do the tomatoes miss out on the benefit of being caged, but they might actually be injured. I want you to have the best success with all your tomatoes, so let’s talk about properly caging them.
Step 1: Decide if your tomato plants need a cage. Indeterminate tomato plants usually do not need a cage but rather a trellis.
Step 2: Determine what size of cage your tomato plants require. Select a cage that is wide and tall enough to fully support your plants. You don’t want the plant to grow taller than the top of the cage, or the vines may bend and break off. You also want the cage to be wide enough to hold the plant without squishing it.
Step 3: Set the cage feet/posts securely and deeply into the soil. I recommend you get those feet 8 to 10 inches into the soil, so you don’t have issues with wind or weight tipping over the cage.
Step 4: Tie the tomato vines to the wires, but not too tightly. You want the vines to be securely attached to the cage wires, but you don’t want to damage them. I say that it is better to let the vines hang a little loose rather than risk injuring them with a tight knot.

Question: Can I Use a Tomato Cage to Support Other Types of Plants?

Answer: Yes, absolutely.  f you are growing any type of plant that vines, you can set a tomato cage next to it for support. Beans, peas, and cucumbers are three veggies that I like to grow using my extra tomato cages.  Someday, I plan to try them with my squash and zucchini too.

Question: When Should a Tomato Cage be Set Up?

Answer: The best time to set up a tomato cage is while the plant is small or just after you transplant your tomatoes into their garden home. If you wait until the tomato plants are big and their root system is well developed to set up a tomato cage, you risk damaging their root system when the cage’s feet are pushed into the soil.

In Conclusion

This really has been a fun article to write, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it. But, mostly, I hope the information in it will help you grow some amazing tomatoes this year. I’m certainly excited to use the Home Depot’s tomato cages, especially the Glamos Wire Tomato Cages, and to check out all their other gardening equipment. Happy gardening!

Glamos Wire Tomato Cages | Amazon

Powdered Coated on Galvanized wire. Heavy Duty Supports for your Tomoto plants or any other Plant needing support.

Buy at Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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