Best Bulb Planters That You Should Consider for Your Garden

Crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies of the valley, tulips, African lilies, and dahlias. These flowers might have different shapes, colors, and vibrancy, but they all come from bulbs. If you’re serious about your gardening, then you simply must have a bulb planter in your array of gardening tools.

Bulb planters are specifically designed to make it easier for you to plant bulbs at the correct depth. So you don’t have to be antsy and worry about planting your bulbs too deep or too shallow. Some people say that it makes their jobs a bit easier.

What are the best bulb planters that you should consider?

  • Berry&Bird Long Handle Bulb Planter
  • Burpee Steel Bulb Planter
  • Edward Tools Bulb Planter
  • Fiskars 1057078 Ergo Flower Bulb Planter
  • FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter
  • ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn and Garden Tool

Which of these is perfect for you? And how do you choose the best bulb planters, anyway? Continue reading, and you’d get all the answers to your questions!

1. Fiskars 1057078 Ergo Flower Bulb Planter

The Fiskars 1057078 Ergo Flower Bulb Planter allows you to dig a hole large enough to plant a flower bulb easily. Because of its length at 39 inches (one meter), you don’t have to bend or kneel down. This bulb planter comes with a release lever that allows you to cover the hole once you put in the bulb or seed.

Further, you will like how lightweight it is, coming in at only 4.3 pounds (1.95 kilograms). It uses a combination of plastic and steel as its materials.


  • Competitively priced
  • Does the job without breaking your back


  • There are customer complaints that say the lever breaks easily

Fiskars 1057078 Ergo Flower Bulb Planter | Amazon

Flower bulb planter for easy and precise planting of bulbs and small seedlings in the ground without bending or kneeling down - Digs and fills holes with a planting depth of up to 15 cm, handle lever releases soil above the bulb for fast and efficient planting 

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2. FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter

flora guard bulb planter

The FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter is excellent for planting flower bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. It has a broad base at 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters). The handle is slip-resistant, measuring five inches (12.7 centimeters) wide. This planter has a depth marker and can dig a hole that is around four inches (10.2 centimeters) deep. The lightweight bulb planter is made with durable and top-quality stainless steel that has chrome plating.

The chrome plating prevents the steel from bending, so you can use this bulb planter even for packed or hard soil. After digging the hole, you can put your bulb inside it and press the handle ends together to release the soil and cover the bulbs.


  • Made with quality materials that makes this very durable
  • Chrome plating allows you to work with hard clay soil
  • Value for money
  • It makes bulb planting easier


  • Some customers complain that this bulb planter broke after a few uses.

FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter | Amazon

This bulb planter features, reinforced steel, adjustable handle hinge, soil release and depth marker. For hard to penetrate soils this bulb planter features reinforced chrome plated steel that keeps the tool from bending and allows for quicker planting. 

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3. Edward Tools Bulb Planter

edward tools bulb planter

The Edward Tools Bulb Planter does everything that you’d expect a device like this to do, including an automatic soil release mechanism and reinforced steel body that resists bending. The company also offers the buyers a lifetime guarantee to replace the bulb planter if it breaks or bends. What’s more, this product is very affordable, costing you around $10.


  • Very affordable and easy to use
  • It gives you an easier and faster time to plant bulbs
  • Very maneuverable and durable


  • Some users report problems with the spring used in the handle.

Edward Tools Bulb Planter | Amazon

The adjustable soil release feature is done by pushing the ergonomic handle together and soil falls into the hole where the bulb is planted. Edward Tools bulb planter makes bulb planter more precise with a depth marker from 1 to 4 inches.

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4. Berry&Bird Long Handle Bulb Planter

berry and bird long handle bulb planter

The Berry&Bird Long Handle Bulb Planter allows you to remain standing when you’re planting bulbs, helping you keep your back and knees pain-free. The company claims that you can use their bulb planter for more than a decade.

This long-handled bulb planter has a T-bar form. It has a pedal that you can step on and allows you to use your weight to dig the holes. You can return your Berry&Bird Long Handle Bulb Planter within 30 days to have it replaced.


  • Works excellently
  • Solid build with durable materials


  • Some complaints about the handle being poorly connected to the planter itself

Berry&Bird Garden Bulb Planter | Amazon

It is made of high quality stainless steel with rust resistance, enhanced strength and durability. Easy to penetrate soil and dirt without bending or breaking.

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5. Burpee Steel Bulb Planter

Burpee Steel Bulb Planter

The Burpee Steel Bulb Planter is one of those Instagrammable bulb planters that does its job well. it comes with a lovely wooden handle that makes it easy to handle.

It also comes with a steel body that guarantees that you’d be digging a lot of holes with this product. It’s guaranteed that this Burpee product will last for a long time, that the manufacturer is willing to back with a five-year warranty.


  • Works as advertised
  • Durable and easy to use


  • Some complaints that the product they received didn’t look like what was advertised

Burpee Steel Bulb Planter | Amazon

Having the right tool for the right job makes every garden activity A real pleasure. Garden in style with these gorgeous & highly durable Burpee branded garden tools.

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6. ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn and Garden Tool

pro plunger 5 in 1

By now, you may have noticed that bulb planters are practically the same, whether they’re handheld or comes with a long handle. That is why the ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Lawn and Garden Tool is a unique addition to this list. This bulb planter also pulls out the weeds. It also acts as an annual planter and sod plugger, and it even tests your soil.

As a bulb planter, all you have to do is to step on it and create holes that are 2.1 inches (5.3 centimeters) wide. You can choose to have it at two, four, or six inches (5.1, 10.2, or 15.2 centimeters) deep.

You no longer have to crouch or bend down. Instead, you can keep planting in a standing position and use your weight to dig holes. As such, you can use this tool for your spring and fall flower bulbs, vegetables, sods, and vegetables.

This five-in-one tool is made with carbon steel, and the joints are welded together.


  • It can help you plant bulbs, sod grass, and sow seeds
  • Durable material
  • An easy time when digging holes


  • Some user complain about how difficult it is to unplug the soil that comes stuck with the bulb planter
  • People also report that the edges can become dented with use

ProPlugger 5-in-1 Lawn and Garden Tool | Amazon

The ProPlugger 5-IN-1 Planting Tool is a tool that won’t collect dust in your shed. Year Round Application: A long handled bulb planter for spring and fall bulbs.

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Question: How Do You Find the Best Bulb Planter?

Answer: There are three types of bulb planters that you can buy. The first is a handheld bulb planter that is the simplest to use. All you need to do is to use it to core out the soil where you want to place your bulbs.

However, if you don’t like kneeling while you’re digging into the soil, there are bulb planters that have a longer handle and a footrest. These products allow you to stand while you core out the soil.
There are also bulb planters that are powered by drills. You can choose any one of these bulb planters depending on how you like to work and how many bulbs you want to deal with.

For the most part, if you only have a few bulbs to plant, you can easily do the job with a handheld planter. But if you have a lot of them, then a drill-powered bulb hunter will do wonders for your hands, back, and arms.
So, to wit: use a manual bulb planter if you only have a few bulbs to plant. On the other hand, a drill-powered bulb planter will be perfect if you have multiple bulbs to get into the ground.

And while you’re choosing, you might as well select bulb planters that are made with rigid and durable materials. You shouldn’t scrimp on a bulb planter and have the metal bend when you start digging.
You should also choose bulb planters with seams that are welded together.

Question: How Do You Use a Bulb Planter

Answer: Most bulb planters do not work well when the soil is packed. Therefore, they are best used with sandy and loose soil. If you have clay soil, till it first and amend it with compost and grit to get it to drain well and get more nutrients into the ground.
There are no tricks and tips for using a bulb planter. Instead, it’s as simple and straightforward as cutting a hole out of the ground with a bit of pressure.
Once that hole is ready, put the bulb in and fill the hole with soil. If you buy a bulb planter with a plunger, the job of filling the hole becomes a whole lot easier as you only release the dirt back into its hole.

Question: Are there any materials you can use in place of a bulb planter?

Answer: Bulb planters make this arm and backbreaking task a whole lot easier and quicker. But while waiting for your bulb planter to arrive, you might be itching to start planting. Here are some alternative tools you can use:

Bulb auger attachment
If you have a power drill with a bulb auger attachment, such as the BLIKA Auger Drill Bit for Planting, you might want to try that as well. The key is to use a shorter auger, perhaps not more than 12 inches in length. Other products you can try are:

Green Rock Tools Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit Attachment for Planting
Toyeah 4″x 12″ and 1.6″x 9″ Auger Drill Bit
SORANGEUN Auger Drill Bit for Planting 3×12-Inch and 1.6×9-Inch

Soil knife
You can use a product like the A.M. Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife to plant smaller bulbs. These are double-edged knives that can make it easier for you to dig out a hole in the ground.
These knives are also durable and rugged.

Garden dibber
A garden dibber like this Minnie and Moon Bulb and Seed Planter also works great if you have prepared or loose soil. This is just perfect if you have kids working with you in the garden. They are safe from sharp blades and pointed tips and still be able to help you plant your bulbs.

Get the Perfect Bulb Planters for Your Needs

If you’re only planting a few flower bulbs, you can make your job easier by getting handheld products such as the:

  • Edward Tools Bulb Planter
  • Fiskars 1057078 Ergo Flower Bulb Planter
  • FLORA GUARD Bulb Planter

However, if you don’t want your gardening time to be a punishment for your knees and your back, you can buy the bulb planters with a long handle so you can remain standing as you dig holes.

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