Growing Bok Choy: How to Grow and Care for Bok Choy

Bok choy leaves

Also commonly known as pak choi, bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage that’s so versatile in the kitchen. From its baby leaves to its full-sized heads, bok choy can be eaten both cooked or raw, and is surprisingly easy to grow at home.

What’s So Great About Bok Choy?

With its subtle peppery flavor and crisp, crunchy texture, bok choy, which originates from China, makes for a tasty addition to a wide variety of meals.

It also happens to be an extremely nutrient-dense vegetable, with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Bok choy plants are easy to care for, and you can start harves

Growing Carrots: How to Grow and Care for Carrots

So you’ve decided to grow carrots for the first time — what a treat you have ahead of you! The act of growing carrots is a reward all on its own, and at the end you’ll have a bountiful harvest of tasty root vegetables to munch on.

If you’ve never grown carrots before, you should know that there’s no need to be nervous. Once you’ve gotten into the swing of growing them, you’ll be a pro in no time. But before you get out and planting, why should you put in the effort in the first place, anyway?

Why You Should Grow Carrots

Not only are they great for you, but these are great for beginners to grow in their gardens — and fascinating to watch grow. They’re easy to care for, and are a fun gardening project to get your kids involved, too.

Carrots are chock-full of fiber, potassium, beta carotene, and ant

Growing Snow Pea: How to Grow and Care for Snow Pea

Nothing quite beats the oh-so-satisfying crunch, followed by the juicy burst of sweetness, that comes from a freshly-picked snow pea. In terms of texture and flavor, as well as nutritional composition, homegrown snow peas are far superior to store-bought versions, making this a vegetable well worth taking the time to grow yourself.

What is a Snow Pea?

There are three main pea types out there:

  • Garden Peas – also known as English peas, these are peas that are shelled before being eaten
  • Snow Peas – also known as mangetout, these are grown more for their tasty pods than the peas within
  • Sugar Snap Peas – these are a hybrid between garden peas and snow peas, meaning large and swee
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