Best Tall Outdoor Planters That Are Perfect For Home and Yard Use

best tall outdoor planters

Tall outdoor planters can be a point of interest in your garden. If you choose correctly, it can easily add flair to your outdoor spaces. There are many things that you should think about when selecting the best tall outdoor planters. However, these concerns may easily be addressed by choosing the right material for your planter.

We invite you to relax as we delve deeper into the different kinds of tall outdoor planters and how to make sure that you get the best one to suit your needs.

Choosing the Perfect Tall Outdoor Planter

Tall outdoor planters serve different purposes and have a myriad of characteristics. But a lot of these depend on what your planter is made out of. You really need to look at the material it’s made with and choose from there. We will be breaking down the best products made from each material.

For instance, will the planter be moved around a lot, like when you will need to move it indoors for the winter? Another thing to consider is whether you’d have a lot of time to water your plants.

Nevertheless, you should always:

  • Know where you will be placing the planter. This will help you decide on the right size, style, material, and shape of the container.
  • Decide on a color that will go well with the plants or the surroundings where you’d put the planter. A shocking color can be a point of interest in your yard, but it might now always work. For best results, buy a planter that will blend well with whatever color the walls of your house have.
  • Decide on whether you want a modern or classic planter. And make sure that your planter will fit right into your garden’s theme.
  • Check if the planter has a drainage hole. If it doesn’t, ensure that you can easily drill one into it.

However, as we have mentioned before, the material will be the most important consideration.

How We Chose Our Recommendations for the Best Tall Outdoor Planters

Plant Pot

When choosing a planter that’s right for you, you will have to take into consideration the location, purpose, and characteristics of these planters.  To help make it easier for you to choose your best tall outdoor planters, we will be looking at the best products for each material.

These products should be able to do what other planters made with the same material can do, have a drainage hole, and have a good size for the type of plants that you can put in them.

The Best Terra Cotta Tall Planters

If you like a more traditional material for your planters, you should get a terra cotta pot. These are classic planters that are available almost everywhere, but the material is porous.

As such, the soil can dry out quickly, and you will need to water your plants more often. Another consideration is that these planters are not resistant to frost and can be damaged when left outside over winter.

D’vine Dev Terra Cotta Plant Pot with Drainage Hole and Saucer

terracota planter

It might be a bit of a challenge to find a tall terra cotta planter online because these containers can be prone to breakage. However, you can get something like the D’vine Dev Terra Cotta Plant Pot with Drainage Hole and Saucer.

This planter is only about 10 inches tall. It is handcrafted and underwent high-temperature firing. Because of its flat cylindrical shape, you have a traditional material with a modern look.


  • The manufacturer guarantees will replace the product if it is damaged while being shipped
  • Includes a drainage hole
  • Comes with a nifty saucer to catch excess water
  • Comes with a mesh net that you can put inside the pot to prevent soil from spilling out the drainage hole
  • Beautiful


  • It may be too expensive.
  • Terra cotta will absorb water, so it can discolor if you leave it out in the sun for too long.
  • This product may not be tall enough as other recommendations we have here
  • Fragile and may break during transit

However, it’s best to visit your local garden center to check if they have a taller terra cotta pot. Doing so will allow you to choose the right size and bring it home with care, rather than relying on some clumsy delivery person to handle it for you.

The Best Stone and Concrete Tall Planters

Tall stone and concrete planters are durable, and they can keep the moisture in the soil, so you don’t have water too often. These planters can be left out even during the freezing months.

But if you need to move your planter around, like when you have them on a deck, and they need to be cleared out when you’re having a party, you might want to choose another product. Still, if you want a planter that your pets will not be able to knock over, these are your best bets.

Christopher Knight Home 312949 Terence, Black Outdoor Modern Medium and Small Cast Stone Planter Set

Christopher Knight

The Christopher Knight Home 312949 Terence, Black Outdoor Modern Medium and Small Cast Stone Planter Set gives you two planters measuring 13 by 13 inches. However, one is 24.75 inches tall, while the other is taller at 28.50 inches.

These lightweight concrete planters can easily change the look of your backyard, patio, or garden. They come in black or white. With its tapered design, this planter looks elegant and classy on its own.


  • It can be cheaper than other similar products
  • Polished finish
  • Doesn’t require to be assembled

Christopher Knight Home Vanessa Outdoor Modern Large Cast Stone Square Planter

Square Planter

Some people might not like the rectangular or tapered stone planters. They can consider buying the Christopher Knight Home Vanessa Outdoor Modern Large Cast Stone Square Planter.

This planter measures 21.5 by 21.5 by 18.8 inches, which gives you a lot of room if you want to do some companion planting. This lightweight concrete planter can be very noticeable, and the cube shape makes it look clean, sleek, and elegant, yet with a rugged and outdoorsy look.


  • Eye-catching addition to your outdoor spaces
  • It can hold a large volume of soil.


  • It might be a bit more expensive than other similar products
  • It may not be suitable for places with really hot climates
  • You should not move this too much as the bottom may give out if you do

ArtStone 35278.01 Ella Tall Planter

Art Stone

The ArtStone 35278.01 Ella Tall Planter is difficult to ignore. Standing at 27.6 inches tall, it can stand out even when placed beside other stone planters. The square-shaped planter has sides that measure 13.9 inches at the top. This tapering planter is also self-watering and is UV-stabilized.

This product uses a combination of resin and high-grade stone. It is resistant to frost and is BPA-free.


  • This product can easily steal attention from your plants and become the point of interest in your yard.
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Comes in three color options: black, slate gray, and gray
  • Self-watering


  • Some customers complaining that they received a broken planter
  • May scratch easily
  • Not a pure stone product

Best Tall Wooden Planters

Wood is a good choice for a tall planter material if you don’t have the time to water your plants more frequently. However, wood does rot. You can, however, choose a hardwood planter that can withstand rot for a longer period. Or you can treat your wood planter with chemicals and preservatives.

If you like the look of tall wooden planters and you live in a cold area, then you’re in luck because these can survive being left outside in the winter. Our recommendations are:

Greemotion Column Planter, Recycled Wood Tall Planter Pot

Wood Tall Planter Pot

The Greemotion Column Planter, Recycled Wood Tall Planter Pot is a floor-standing planter that measures  (43.5 by 43.5 by 115 centimeters). It’s made with recycled wood, so you’re also helping the environment while getting a wood planter that you’d like.

To help protect the wood from rotting, the planter comes with a removable plastic liner to keep the moisture out of the wood material. Go ahead place it on your balcony, house entrance, terrace, and just about any location you want.

This planter will be perfect for any plant, but you can put a hanging or trailing vine in this and turn the planter into a living sculpture.


  • Perfect for all kinds of plants
  • Recycled wood material
  • Classic looking planter with a modern feel


  • May need to be put in a covered location when put outdoors
  • Shipping costs and the price of the product may be prohibitive

MGP Master Garden Products WBP-26 Oak Wood Half Wine Barrel Planter

Master Garden

The MGP Master Garden Products WBP-26 Oak Wood Half Wine Barrel Planter is perfect for taller plants or small trees. The wide base of this planter will help keep your plants stable while giving them enough soil for their roots to grow in.

It’s made with reclaimed wine barrels. These oak barrels are quite resistant to rot and maybe left moist for quite some time. Brand new, these wine barrel planters are stunning. Over time, the color will fade to a silver-gray hue, which makes it even lovelier.

Even if it’s made with recycled materials, you can still use this planter for edible plants. The color of the barrel comes from the wine it used to hold.


  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Resistant to rot
  • Durable with a sturdy cedar bottom


  • Some customers complain about the barrel’s metal rings coming off, which means that planter falls apart.

Best Tall Metal Planters

Metal planters are the perfect choice for small trees or shrubs. Because these planters are usually heavy, they can easily stabilize your plants.

However, because the material conducts heat, you will need to water these planters often. If you don’t, then the roots might bake as the heat dries the soil and raises the temperature in the pot.

Benzara 53356 Classy Metal Planter

Metal PLanter

The Benzara 53356 Classy Metal Planter comes in a set with three planters that have different heights. The set gives you the freedom to cluster them together and put different flowering plants in each to give your outdoor space that burst of color.

Or you can put these planters in a separate location, giving three different places the same look but different bursts of color. The polished gray finish on this iron planter will contrast nicely to the greens of your plants.


  • Comes in a set of three planters
  • Understated looks make it the perfect backdrop for your plants.


  • Affordable
  • Maybe dented due to improper handling

Kate and Laurel Sheely Decorative Modern Metal Planter Stands with Removeable Buckets Style Pots

Bucket Style Pots

Sometimes, you don’t need a tall solid planter to make a statement. You can choose this Kate and Laurel Sheely Decorative Modern Metal Planter Stands with Removeable Buckets Style Pots if you have small plants or just want a way to properly liven up a space with real flowers.

This black metal planter measures 11.8 by 11.8 by 25.2 inches  and looks like a bucket with a plant stand. You can remove the bucket and use your own pots. The bucket can hold nine- and 10-inch  pots. If you need a lightweight planter, you can buy this product. It’s easy to move around, so you can transfer your plants whenever you need to.


  • It can be used either as a plant stand or a planter
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Using a plastic liner is recommended. You shouldn’t plant directly into the bucket.
  • It might be a bit flimsy and easy to tip over.

Cocoyard Modern Elevated Metal Planter Box

Metal Garden Planter

The Cocoyard Modern Elevated Metal Planter Box makes sense if you ever wanted to deter pests, squirrels, and small animals from feasting on your plants. This metal planter measures 28 by 8.0 by 28 inches keeps your plants off the ground and out of reach of most critters.

What’s more, this planter is very durable with a powder coating to help protect it from the elements.


  • Contemporary looks blend well with any place you want to put it in
  • You can plant a wide assortment of plants, including flowers, succulents, and potted plants


  • Requires assembly
  • If you assemble it improperly, the planter will wobble.

Best Tall Resin or Fiberglass Planters

Perhaps the materials that make the most sense in being placed outside are fiberglass and resin planters. These durable planters can easily withstand the elements: cold, rain, heat, and just about everything Mother Nature throws at it.

Fiberglass planters are also known to keep their colors over time. They’re also the best if you need to move your planters around because these pots are lightweight.

Austin Avenue Accents Tall Rectangular Planter Box

Tall Planter

We weren’t kidding when we said that fiberglass planters are lightweight, making them the best material if you need a bulky or huge planter. For instance, the Austin Avenue Accents Tall Rectangular Planter Box measures 36 by 10 by 24 inches and weighs only 27 pounds.

The planter can be used as a flower box, accent, or divider. You can have several plants, shrubs, or small trees in one planter.

Tall planters make the best accents because they can add height to your plants, making it easier to display them. What’s more, this planter is made using the same processes used to manufacture fiberglass for cars and boats.


  • Thicker walls and solid construction
  • Durable
  • Has a variety of uses
  • Already includes a drainage hole


  • Expensive

Sunnydaze Mid-Century Style Round Fiber Clay Planter

Fiber Clay Planter

The Sunnydaze Mid-Century Style Round Fiber Clay Planter uses fiber clay for its material. This combination of fiberglass and clay makes for a very durable planter. It comes with a planter that measures 15 by 15 by 11.5 inches. Three rubberwood legs measure 10 inches each, giving the whole planter a height of 22.25 inches. It comes in five color combinations:

  • Gray and black
  • Charcoal and natural
  • Charcoal and white
  • Bronze and natural
  • Gray and natural

The pot has a drainage hole and soil net to make it easier to keep your plants healthy and your space tidy. You can put it anywhere as it will look stunning inside your house and eye-catching when it’s outside.


  • Differently styled fiber clay planter
  • Subtle yet eye-catching


  • Maybe chipped when not properly handled.

FJYAYUAN Large Size Antique Beige Tall Square Concrete Planter Pots

Concrete Planter

There are two things that you will love about fiberglass planters. First is that these products can mimic other materials, such as concrete, stone, or wood. Second, you can mix fiberglass with other materials to achieve the look and durability you want.

The FJYAYUAN Large Size Antique Beige Tall Square Concrete Planter Pots are made with concrete and fiberglass. It has all the benefits of fiberglass planters with the look of concrete.


  • Has a drainage hole
  • Durable material and the colors will not fade over time
  • Very stylish

Modern Minimalist Style Geometrically-Shaped White FRP Planter Pot

White Planter Pot

The Modern Minimalist Style Geometrically-Shaped White FRP Planter Pot gives your outdoor space a touch of quiet elegance. The geometric shape helps to give this planter a modern and clean look. This planter is made with fiberglass, ceramic, and glass. The white finish will make this planter stand out when you put it against a colored wall. It will also complement the greens of your plants.

This product measures 19.7 by 19.7 by 31.5 inches and will take several bags of potting mix or soil to fill up. This means that your plants can have a lot of room to grow or plant small trees low into the pot to give it a recessed look.


  • Weather and chip resistant
  • The color will not fade even when placed outside
  • Durable and eyecatching


  • Expensive

Best Tall Plastic Planters

Another lightweight material that keeps the moisture in, plastic planters are often excellent choices for plants that you keep outside during the winter.

If you like the plain looks of a tall plastic planter, here are your best options:

Balkan Home Noah Round Wicker Planter

Wicker Planter

The Balkan Home Noah Round Wicker Planter comes in a set of two. You can place them together or one at each end of the patio, porch, or pool. These planters have a wicker look, making them instantly elegant.

What’s more, it comes with a waterproof liner, so you don’t have to worry about getting these lovely planters waterlogged or damaging your floors. With dimensions of 11 by 11 by 24 inches, this product is perfect for those tight spaces like your front door.


  • Affordable
  • It can be placed anywhere
  • Elegant looking planter


  • Only comes in black

Tusco Products MSQT19BK Modern Square Garden Planter

Modern Square Garden Planter

At 19 inches tall, the Tusco Products MSQT19BK Modern Square Garden Planter is made with molded plastic. As such, it’s a very sturdy planter that is UV-protected and weather resistant.

You have a choice between slate or black, so you can select which color goes well with your existing decor. Measuring 13 by 13 by 19 inches, this planter can accommodate a large tree, bamboo, or several plants all in one pot.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Makes your plant look a lot better
  • Easy way to add a plant anywhere


  • No drainage hole

Mayne Inc Cambridge Tall Planter

Black Planter

The Mayne Inc Cambridge Tall Planter measures 16 by 16 by 28.5 inches, making it very difficult to ignore when you see it. It can hold up to 8 gallons of soil.

This planter has a self-watering tray that you can use, so you don’t have to irrigate your plants that often. You can ask the seller to drill a drainage hole at the bottom if you plan to fill it up with soil and not use the self-watering tray.

This planter is also weatherproof and durable, so you will be able to use it for a very long time. The plastic has UV inhibitors, so it doesn’t fade even when put under the sun.


  • Self-watering planter
  • Unique design
  • Shock, weather, and UV resistant


  • Some complaints talk about how easy it is to stain these planters.


Question: Why use tall planters?

Answer: Tall planters can benefit your spaces whether you put them inside your home or outdoors. When placed indoors, a tall planter can make even the smallest spaces look a lot bigger.
What’s more, these planters can easily make your yard or porch look more inviting. Choosing the right design can help liven or spruce up your outdoor spaces. Plus, it can give you a chance to add more plants even when you don’t have soil in that area.

Question: How can you fill a tall planter?

Answer: You can fill your planter with a lot of soil, but sometimes it might not be practical. For one, you can end up using a lot of soil or potting mix, especially for planters that are both wide and tall.
Filling it up with soil can also make the planter heavy, making it challenging to move around. So you can use filler materials to help keep your planters lightweight.
You can use aluminum soup cans, plastic bottles, broken ceramics, or even peanut shells to help fill your tall planters.

Question: How can you prevent a tall planter from tipping over?

Answer: When you choose a planter, make sure that it’s stable. Some planters are tapered, with the bottom significantly narrower than the top.
The shape plus the weight of your growing plant can make tall planters top-heavy. In this case, it’s best to balance the weight by adding a heavy filling material at the bottom.
If you don’t like to make the planter very heavy, such as when you plan to move your planter around a lot, you can also use tie wires to anchor these planters. This way, even when your kids or pet bump into them, the planters will stay in place.

Choose the Best Tall Outdoor Planters Today!

Whether you want to have more plants or simply add a touch of color anywhere in your yard, tall planters can help. Choosing the right tall outdoor planter will help you achieve your design goal and help keep your small tree, shrub, or plant safe.

If you like the classic looks of a terra cotta planter, your best bet is to visit a garden center so that you don’t have to worry about the planter getting damage when it’s getting delivered. The good thing is materials such as fiberglass or plastic can be made to look like terra cotta.

You can get a stone planter such as the Christopher Knight Home 312949 Terence Stone Planter Set for a more classy-looking planter. You also have options made of wood, such as the Greemotion Column Planter and Recycled Wood Tall Planter Pot.

Metal planters such as Benzara 53356 Classy Metal Planter are eye-catching, but they can be very expensive, and you’d have to have a lot of time to water your plants, or else these will die. Synthetic materials such as fiberglass or plastic help to give you the planter that you want. For example, the Balkene Home Noah Round Wicker Planter looks like it’s made with wicker.

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