Best Stone Planter Ideas You Should Definitely Use for Your Yard

Ah, plants! While we do like our plants growing directly from the ground, there are times when we prefer them in containers. There are a lot of containers made of a wide variety of materials out there, but one of the most popular are stone planters.

One look at these stone planters and you would know why. These are sturdy and stable containers that can withstand the heat of the sun and make lovely accents around your garden.

What are the best stone planters out there? Check out our recommendations!

Regularly Shaped Stone Planters

When it comes to stone planters, nothing beats the regular shapes. Not only do they come in an elegant-looking form, but they also have different colors for you to choose from.

These stone planters make great additions to corners, but you can also place them anywhere to make them and your plants pop out. There are regularly shaped stone planters that are great for either outdoors or indoors.

Classic Home and Garden Paragon Planter

Classic Home and Garden Paragon Planter

The Classic Home and Garden Paragon Planter is made of a mix of resin and stone, and it measures 12 by 12 by 8.5 inches (30.5 by 30.5 by 21.6 centimeters). What’s more, it comes in various colors, such as cloud gray, cognac brown, indigo, lava red, and parchment. These colors allow you to choose how your garden will look and make things appear more coordinated.

This planter boasts a coating that protects it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can degrade pots and containers of all sorts of material. This planter does not have drainage holes, but you can easily drill one at the bottom if you need to.

Christopher Knight Home Vanessa Outdoor Modern Medium Cast Stone Square Planter

Christopher Knight Home Vanessa Outdoor Modern Medium Cast Stone Square Planter

For those who like cubes, the Christopher Knight Home Vanessa Outdoor Modern Medium Cast Stone Square Planter will be a fine addition to their collection of pots.

These planters come in two colors: black and white. They also come in two sizes. The smaller one measures 15.9 by 15.8 by 13.6 inches (40.4 by 40.1 by 34.5 centimeters), while the bigger one measures 21.5 by 21.5 by 18.8 inches (54.6 by 54.6 by 47.8 centimeters).

The square design looks clean and stunning. You can easily add the planter to beautify your porch or railings, and even to cover a bare spot in your garden.

Arco Design W Planter & Flower Window Box

Arco Design W Planter & Flower Window Box

Made from a combination of stone, plastic, ceramic, polypropylene, and wood, the Arco Design W Planter & Flower Window Box would be a great accent to your window sills or porch. This set comes with two planters. One measures 13.8 by 5.5 by 5 inches (35.1 by 14 by 12.7 centimeters), while the other measures 17.7 by 6.3 by 6.3 (45 by 16 by 16 centimeters).

These planters are great for flowering plants, as well as for succulents. If you have silk geraniums, herbs, and miniature roses, these will be perfect.

You can choose from five colors, including black, chocolate, taupe, white, and charcoal. These planters are waterproof and UV-resistant.

TABOR TOOLS Round Plastic Planter

TABOR TOOLS Round Plastic Planter

The TABOR TOOLS Round Plastic Planter has a round design and uses stone as one of its materials. More specifically, it is made from a mix of resin, stone, plastic, and fiberglass. It comes in more than a dozen colors. You will find unique colors available for these pots, including overcast gray, deep water green, and wine burgundy. But if you’re not the type who likes flashy color schemes, you can go with the safe black, white, or dark gray.

That said, you can use these planters indoors or outdoors. They measure 9 by 8 inches (22.9 by 20.3 centimeters), and they are durable enough for any plant you wish to use.

Ten-stone Gray Unglazed Rectangle Concrete Succulent Planter and Windowsill Boxes

Ten-stone Gray Unglazed Rectangle Concrete Succulent Planter and Windowsill Boxes

The Ten-stone Gray Unglazed Rectangle Concrete Succulent Planter and Windowsill Boxes would make another great addition if you want planters on your sill window or just about anywhere on your porch or garden. They come in two sizes:

  • 14.5 by 2.6 by 2.6 inches (36.8 by 6.6 by 6.6 centimeters)
  • 15 by 4 by 4 inches (38.1 by 10.2 by 10.2 centimeters)

With its rectangular shape, you will appreciate just how modern-looking this planter is. If you want to add a dash of color or design to the planter, you can easily do so with spray paint. What’s more, you can use these windowsill boxes indoors. It’s perfect for planting succulents in, or perhaps some herbs and small plants.

Kante Lightweight Modern Square Outdoor Planter

Kante Lightweight Modern Square Outdoor Planter

The Kante Lightweight Modern Square Outdoor Planter is big at 14.6 by 37.4 by 14.6 inches (37.1 by 95 by 37.1 centimeters). Half of it is a planter, while the other half gives you a flat surface to rest your things on. The concrete planter has a sleek design with clean lines.

You can put it along corridors, in the middle of the garden, and near outdoor furniture. It can serve both as a planter and a nifty table. What’s more, it has ultraviolet protection and is highly resistant to outside elements.

Decorative Stone Planters

Some stone planters sport decorative features and they can be used as ornamental accents around your garden. In fact, with this type of planters, you can even turn your outdoor space into some sort of a sculpture garden. There are head planters like this Distressed Cement Stone Statue Head Planter. This planter looks like the head of a Roman or Greek statue with a whitewashed finish that gives it an antique look.

This decorative planter measures 7.5 by 5.5 by 7.5 inches (19.1 by 14 by 19.1 centimeters), and you can fit the soil and plant into its 5 by 5-inch (12.7 by 12.7 centimeters) mouth. You can use this for any flowering plant or perhaps a hanging vine to give it an impression of growing hair at the top of the statue.

This particular stone planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, so you might want to choose plants that can be forgiving when you subject them to overly wet or overly dry conditions. Or you can use it as a cachepot, where you put another pot in this planter.

Tuscan Design DS19184 Flora Roman Nymph of Flowers Sculptural Head Planter

Tuscan Design DS19184 Flora Roman Nymph of Flowers Sculptural Head Planter

Flora is the goddess of flowers, according to Roman mythology. With this Design Tuscan product, you can have her watching over your garden while also growing real flowers on her head. This head planter measures 12 by 10 by 22 inches (30.5 by 25.4 by 55.9 centimeters) and has its own stand. You can place it anywhere in your garden.

It is made from crushed stone that’s held together by durable resin. The manufacturer also offers two other head planter designs:

Art Pieces

Oran Cement Indoor and Outdoor Head Planter

If you’re more into recognizable head planters, then you should choose this Oran Cement Indoor and Outdoor Head Planter, which is a faithful replica of the head of Michaelangelo’s “David.”  This stone planter will give your garden a more classic look with its distressed gray finish. It measures 6 by 5.25 by 4.5 inches (15.2 by 13.2 by 11.4 centimeters).

Religious Themed Head Planters

Religious Themed Head Planters

Aside from artworks, there are also religious-themed planters like this cute Grasslands Road Buddha Planter. This cement head planter measures 5.5 by 3.75 by 4 inches (14 by 9.5 by 10.2 centimeters), and it is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Or you can go with the North Light Gray Praying Angel Bust Outdoor Garden Statue Planter. This planter is sculptured by artisans and measures 10 by 10 by 11 inches (25.4 by 25.4 by 27.9 centimeters). The wings of the angel look like they are wrapped around your plant.

Classic Touches

Apart from regularly shaped planters and those that have distinct designs, there are also stone planters that have a neo-classical look.

Novelty Classic Urn Planter

Novelty Classic Urn Planter

Nothing conveys an air of elegance and class more than a planter that holds your priceless plants. The Novelty Classic Urn Planter has a white finish and measures () (19 by 19 by 19 inches). You can use these stone urns to line the stairs or perhaps to put an eye-catching plant in the middle of your lawn. They can stand alone. There are plastic versions as well.

Great Deal Furniture Bunny View Outdoor Concrete Urn

Great Deal Furniture Bunny View Outdoor Concrete Urn

The Great Deal Furniture Bunny Vista Outdoor Concrete Urn gives you a lightweight stone planter with a classic floral and angle design. It comes with an antique gray finish that makes it look beautifully weathered.

You can use this urn to plant flowering plants and other small plants that need a lot of room to grow. This handcrafted urn measures 17.3 by 17.3 by 24 inches (43.9 by 43.9 by 61 centimeters) and has a stand that allows you to put it on any flat surface.

Great Deal Furniture Door Light Brown Roman Urn Planter

Great Deal Furniture Door Light Brown Roman Urn Planter

The Great Deal Furniture Door Light Brown Roman Urn Planter is yet another classic-looking stone urn that has grapes and vines as its design. You can plant flowering plants in this urn or even leave it bare without any plants at all.

You can use this inside your living space or out in the garden. With its light brown hues, it can stand out in a sea of ​​green that is your lawn. This urn measures 21.25 by 21.25 by 21.2 inches (54 by 54 by 53.8 centimeters).

Christopher Knight Home Antique Urn Planter

Christopher Knight Home Antique Urn Planter

The Christopher Knight Home Antique Urn Planter uses quartz stone. You will especially love its antique green finish. This planter measures 18.5 by 18.5 by 26.4 inches (47 by 47 by 67.1 centimeters). Further, there are two other Great Deal Furniture stone planters that you should see:

Other Designs

Of course, other designs are available for your plants. Red Carpet Studios produces several animal-style stone planters, such as this stone rooster, stone owl, and frog. Or you can buy this Solid Rock Stoneworks Dachshund Planter to pay tribute to man’s best friend.

This stone planter measures 9 by 22 by 13 inches (22.9 by 55.9 by 33 centimeters) and is great for succulents and other plants that need room to grow. There are also stone boots like the Solid Rock Stoneworks Boot Planter. This planter measures 16 by 9.9 by 10 inches (40.6 by 25.2 by 25.4 centimeters) and is made from 100 percent cast stone.

It’s also hand-stained for that elegant-looking detail. The company also sells a 15-inch (38-centimeter) solid stone planter that is shaped like a riding boot.

If you’re looking for designs that are closer to nature, check out this Cement Sea Shell Planter Pot from Lucky Winner. This shell-shaped planter is great for small plants, herbs, and succulents. It has a plastic liner inside its pure cement body.

You can enjoy the generous planting area that measures 3 by 2.5 by 3 inches (7.6 by 6.4 by 7.6 centimeters), but the entire planter measures 6.5 by 4 by 5 inches (16.5 by 10.2 by 12.7 centimeters).

Your Own Tiki Bar

Your Own Tiki Bar

There are also stone planters with a Polynesian design like this Christopher Knight Home 309258 Jayleen Outdoor Polynesian Urn. These urns and planters give your garden a more beach-like look and a bit of a personality.

What’s more, you can use this Polynesian urn with a wide variety of plants because of the drainage hole that is found at the bottom. Succulents and cacti can live in this planter. The tiki totem design has an antique green finish that makes it look authentic. It measures 9.25 inches (23.5 centimeters) in diameter and stands 24.25 inches (61.6 centimeters) tall.

Or you can also have this Christopher Knight Home 309260 Elliott Outdoor Mother Earth Urn. Like the Polynesian tiki design, this Mother Earth-inspired has a drainage hole, so you don’t have to worry about your plants standing in too much water.

This urn has a squarish shape measuring 10.75 by 11.75 by 14.25 inches (27.3 by 29.9 by 36.2 centimeters). And to complete that island look, you can add these Easter Island Tiki Urn as well. Get the feeling of being in Stonehenge with these urns, or just add a Moai inspiration to your garden. This lightweight concrete planter measures 8.75 inches (22.2 centimeters) in diameter and stands 24 inches (61 centimeters) tall.

MyGift Modern Sleeping Face Style Gray Concrete Head Planter Pot with Saucer

MyGift Modern Sleeping Face Style Gray Concrete Head Planter Pot with Saucer

If you want to continue the theme, you can put the MyGift Modern Sleeping Face Style Gray Concrete Head Planter Pot with Saucer. This cement planter measures 5.5 by 5.5 by 5.9 inches (14 by 14 by 15 centimeters).

The frosted finish and human face make it a unique tabletop accessory that’s still in line with your tiki bar theme. You can use it to display succulents, flowers, and herbs. This head planter has a drainage hole that can keep excess water from pooling at the bottom. It also comes with a saucer, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of watering.

Stone Planters? Not Quite.

If you like the look of stone planters but not the weight, you can get something like the PolyStone Milan Tall Modern Outdoor or Indoor Rectangular Trough Planter. This planter measures 46 by 17 by 19 inches (116.8 by 43.2 by 48.3 centimeters) and comes in different finishes, including:

  • Black
  • chocolate brown
  • gray concrete
  • gray granite
  • greige
  • gray sandstone
  • gray slate
  • white
  • white granite

The planter itself is made of polystyrene foam boards that are fully covered with polyurea coating. So, basically, the planter is foam protected by acrylic and plastic. It’s very durable and can easily withstand the elements. It does not degrade easily even when you expose it to the sun, freezing temperatures, salt spray, and mildew.

Because of its finish, this planter also does not accumulate dirt as fast as real stone planters do. Lastly, it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Classic Home and Garden 3/1027/1 Pumice Stone 8″ Planter

Pumice Stone Planter

Pumice is a natural lava rock that can help your plants grow and thrive. Because of its beautiful form, it is sometimes used to cover the ground. It is also a good soil conditioner.

If you have clay soil, smaller pieces of pumice can be added to it to make it drain better. If you like the look of pumice but can’t find a sizable one for your plants, you can check out the Classic Home and Garden Pumice Stone Planter.

This planter measures 8 by 4.5 by 2.8 inches (20.3 by 11.4 by 7.1 centimeters), making it ideal for small plants or succulents. It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and is very lightweight.

Dahlia Stone-Like Handmade Concrete Planter

Dahlia Stone-Like Handmade Concrete Planter

The Dahlia Stone Like Handmade Concrete Planter is molded out of concrete and made to look like natural stone. You can use this for succulents, small plants, flowering plants, and even as a home for your bonsai.

It measures 8.6 by 5.1 by 2.9 inches (21.8 by 13 by 7.4 centimeters), and its mouth measures 8.2 by 4.5 inches (20.8 by 11.4 centimeters). This durable concrete planter has a drainage hole, so you do not have to worry about waterlogged plants. It comes with a risk-free warranty.

Glitzhome Patio Fountain Waterfall Decorative Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

Glitzhome Patio Fountain Waterfall Decorative Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain

The Glitzhome Patio Fountain Waterfall Decorative Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain is a water fountain and a planter in one. You can enjoy the sound of cascading water as you rest and lounge outdoors on your porch, while also admiring the beauty of your plants.

This fountain and planter combo is made of resin and is made to look like stone. It has a spiral design with a rustic stone look. It measures 12.4 by 12.4 by 31.3 inches (31.5 by 31.5 by 79.5 centimeters).


diy planters

There are times when you don’t need to buy a separate stone planter for your plants. Instead, you can go DIY and add a stone planter where you have space. For instance, if you have outdoor stairs, you can create stone planters on each side.

Or perhaps, you can use it as a backrest for outdoor benches.

concrete planters

Image source: Top Inspirations

You can literally have stone planter boxes or raised beds using stone or rocks as its material. You can see how to do that with this YouTube video:


Question: What are the things I should know before buying a stone planter?

Answer: Not a lot of people recommend getting a stone planter for your plants for a variety of reasons. For one, stone planters can be very heavy.

If you consider that you will be putting soil and water in these planters, then you will have an idea of ​​how heavy it will be. That’s not particularly a problem if you are going to leave your stone planter in one place all year long.
However, if you put in plants that need to be brought indoors over the winter, you might find it challenging to haul them in when they’re inside a stone planter. What’s more, if your stone planter is not weatherproofed, then the cold and heat of the elements can easily break it over time.

Stone planters are also vulnerable to staining, and these stains can be difficult to remove. As a material, stone doesn’t contract or expand, which it may need to do when the weather changes from hot to cold.
Once broken, you will need to get rid of your stone planters. It will end up in a landfill somewhere because stone planters are hardly recyclable.

However, because of the beauty of stone planters, you simply cannot dismiss them outright. If you are going to use stone planters, you might want to choose the right plants for them. If you live in an area that gets really cold over the winter months, then choose plants that are winter-hardy.
Also, choose stone planters that are weather-resistant.

Question: What should I do with stone planters that have drainage holes?

Answer: Drainage holes are important so you don’t leave your plants standing in a pool of water. For some plants, this is a death sentence as it could lead to root rot and other diseases that can be fatal for them. This is why you should choose a stone planter with a drainage hole.

However, add stone planters of the not feature to a drainage hole. For some, you can quickly drill one at the bottom.
If that’s not possible, you can use these stone planters as cache pots. That is, you put your plants in plastic pots with drainage holes and then put the plastic pot inside your stone planter.

However, if you’ve been gardening for a while and you are confident with your watering, you may still plant directly into stone planters. Choose plants that are forgiving when you overwater them and be sure you have a well-draining medium to pot your plants.
Also, make sure that you have the appropriate pot size. Putting your plants in a large stone planter means that there is excess moisture that may take a longer time to dry out.

Question: What can you do with stone planters?

Answer: This one might not be the right question to ask. The correct question would be, what CAN’T you do?
As you can see, there are many types, shapes, and forms of stone planters available right now. So what you do with them is only limited by your imaginations.
Most stone planters have decorative features that make sense to display them. In fact, some stone planters are so beautiful that you can put them in your yard, porch, or living room by themselves and not add any plants at all.
A lot of the stone planters that you buy these days also have a flat surface that makes them stable enough to put on your lawns. Some stone planters look well on window sills.
There are also freestanding stone planters that you can put on the floor next to furniture, or perhaps line along your driveway.

Get the Perfect Stone Planter Today!

Stone planters are great for your plants. Not only do your herbs, succulents, and hanging vines gain a home, but the stone material helps to nourish them, as well.

The good news is that you can build your own stone planters by piling rocks and putting soil inside. Or you can just buy a ready-made stone planter that is more to your liking.

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