The Best Rain Barrel Options

Americans typically use 320 gallons (1,211.3 liters) of water daily. Around 48 gallons (181.7 liters) of that water is used to water lawns and gardens.

A rain barrel can help you save rainwater so that you can use it to keep the grass and your plants healthily growing.

What are the best rain barrels that you can buy?

Here are our recommendations:

1. Upcycle 55 Gallon Black Rain Barrel
2. mirainbarrel Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Rain Barrel
3. Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel
4. Kyoto 55 Gallon Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel
5. Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector
6. Good Ideas RW-2SD050-OAK Wizard American Oak with Darkened Ribs and Stand Rain Barrel
7. Suncast 50-Gallon Rain Barrel RB5010PK
8. Good Ideas Impressions Tree Bark Rain Barrel
9. Algreen 81113 Castilla Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot
10. Enginuity 2051202 100 Gallon Rain Barrel with Diverter Kit

What makes these products stand out as the best rain barrels in the market today? What should you look for in a rain barrel, anyway? Sit back and enjoy learning about how to harvest rainwater, and the things you should know about rain barrels.

What Is a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel is a large container that can collect rainwater. With a rain barrel, you can store rainwater from the roof that you can use for watering your garden.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30 percent of the water American families use is for outdoor purposes, including watering your garden, washing your car, or replenishing the pool.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Rain Barrel?

A rain barrel can store a lot of gallons of water. One rain barrel usually uses a 55-gallon (208.2 liters) drum. That’s enough to water a vegetable garden that measures 32 square feet (3.0 square meters) for two to three weeks. You can easily save 1,300 gallons (4,921 liters) of water with a rain barrel during the hottest summer months.

More than the savings, however, rain barrels give you access to free, clean, and freshwater that doesn’t have chlorine, calcium, or lime. It’s not only good for your plants, but you can also use it to wash your car and clean other things in your yard.

If you’re itching to do something for the environment while also saving money and water, then you can buy the best rain barrels that are available today. What are your choices?

The Best Rain Barrel You Can Buy Right Now

The good thing about rain barrels is that you have a lot of options. You can find the perfect barrel for you, depending on what you need, how much rainfall your area gets, and even your personal preferences as to how it should look. Here are our recommendations for the best rain barrels you can choose from.

1. Upcycle 55 Gallon Black Rain Barrel

upcycle rain barrel

The Upcycle 55 Gallon Black Rain Barrel measures 22 by 38 inches (55.9 by 96.5 centimeters) and can give you up to 55 gallons (208 liters) of rainwater when it’s full. This rain barrel is made with high-density polyethylene while the lid uses metal mesh to keep insects from coming in.

If you want an easy time and no-fuss rain barrel, this product is an excellent choice.


  • Made with high quality and durable materials
  • Does the job without the fuss
  • Has plastic fittings that don’t leak
  • Excellent design


  • Not stackable
  • Needs a stable base
  • Relatively more expensive

2. mirainbarrel Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Rain Barrel

Bourbon Barrel Rain Barrel

This product takes an old whiskey barrel and repurposes it to collect your rainwater. The mirainbarrel Whiskey / Bourbon Barrel Rain Barrel has a capacity of 53 gallons (200 liters).

This is one pricey item at around $400, but the manufacturer will also install it for you. This rain barrel has the company’s Flexifi technology that can help you avoid overflows.

What’s more, this rain barrel is sealed, so there is no way for algae, pests, mosquitoes, and other insects to get into the stored water.

If you’re wondering if whiskey barrels will last long, then you should remember that these things are designed to hold liquids.


  • Unique-looking rain barrel


  • Very expensive

3. Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel

Enviro World Corporation EWC-15 55 Gal. Rain Barrel

The Enviro World Corporation Rain Barrel holds 55 gallons (208 liters) of rainwater and is made with injection-molded plastic. The durable rain barrel has a flat back and a sleek design that makes it stand out in your garden.

The top has a stainless steel mesh that can keep the mosquitos out. It has an overflow hose and clamp, as well as a brass spigot, child lock screws. It measures 23.5 by 23.5 by 33 inches (59.7 by 59.7 by 83.8 centimeters).

This product comes in four colors: green, black, terracotta, and beige. Plus, you don’t have to create a base for it as this product is very stable.


  • Child-safe
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Easy to install and set up


  • Some customers complain about cracks developing at the bottom of the barrel
  • Customer service can be better

4. Kyoto 55 Gallon Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel

kyoto rain barrel

Who says that a rain barrel needs to look boring and plain? The makers of the Kyoto 55 Gallon Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel begs to differ!

This plastic barrel is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which means that it doesn’t easily get brittle. It can hold up to 55 gallons (208 liters) of water. But what’s more interesting is that it looks like it’s made of stone. It looks like a huge water jar. It does, however, have a flat back that allows it to be more stable and you can put it right up against the wall

It also has a four-prong base that keeps it flat on the ground. You just locate it under a downspout and it will collect rainwater for your use. This rain barrel comes with a spigot and a plastic plug. You can take out the plug to completely drain the barrel of collected water.


  • Beautiful stone-like design
  • Has a plastic plug at the bottom that allows you to drain the water out of it
  • Solid construction


  • There is no overflow pipe that will allow you to connect this with other barrels

5. Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector

Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector

The Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector can collect up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of clear and fresh rainwater. It has a spigot that allows you to get water from it with an easy to twist switch.

This measures 24 inches (61 centimeters) in diameter and 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters) in height. This rain barrel is foldable and portable. You can easily store it in the winter or during the dry months to keep it clean and safe from the elements. Plus, it’s made with quality materials that will not crack or become brittle even if you keep it outdoors.

The zippered top makes it easy to open or close the barrel. The mesh top will catch the rainwater from the downspout and filter it as it goes into the storage space. The water inlet filter is made with mesh that can keep insects, other animals, leaves, twigs, and other debris out of the water.

It also has an overflow valve at the top, which allows you to connect it to other rain barrels when necessary. There is a 60-gallon (227 liters) version for this product.


  • Portable, collapsible, and easy to store
  • Connectible with other rain barrels
  • Mesh top and filter can keep the insects out
  • Easy to use


  • Some complaints about the material used for this product such as the poor stitching, zippers coming right off, and the loose spigot

6. Good Ideas RW-2SD050-OAK Wizard American Oak with Darkened Ribs and Stand Rain Barrel

good ideas RQ-2SD050

This rain barrel can hold up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of rainwater and comes with two brass spigots. You will love the design of this product, as it looks like a wooden barrel with dark-colored dribs. The wood grain texture and the included base helps make this product stand out visually.

It’s made with BPA-free plastic that is both lightweight and durable. It measures 24 by 24 by 51.5 inches (61 by 61 by 130.8 centimeters).


  • The bowl-like lid is designed to catch water, making the rain barrel fill up faster than others
  • Looks great


  • Some reviewers complained that the company ships the base inside the barrel and it got stuck
  • No way to connect it to other rain barrels
  • Expensive

7. Suncast 50-Gallon Rain Barrel RB5010PK

Suncast Corp 50-Gallon Rain Barrel

The Suncast 50-Gallon Rain Barrel RB5010PK has a squarish design with beige and dark brown colors. The top can catch the rainwater, while the barrel itself can hold up to 50 gallons (189 liters) of water.

Unlike other rain barrels, this one doesn’t have a spigot. Instead, it uses a leader hose that connects to another garden hose, a soaking hose, or any other attachments.

Like other rain barrels, this one has a debris filter, as well as an overflow hose that you can use to connect to other rain barrels. It also has a latched lid that can keep animals, pets, and kids out of the barrel itself.


  • Uses a latched lid that makes it pet- and kid-safe
  • Comes to you fully assembled
  • Leader hose ensures that have an easy way to connect garden attachments


  • More expensive than other 50-gallon barrels

8. Good Ideas Impressions Tree Bark Rain Barrel

good ideas imp-c90

The Good Ideas Impressions Tree Bark Rain Barrel stands out for two things. First is that it can hold up to 90 gallons (340.7 liters) of rainwater, much more than what our other recommendations can store.

That means if you live in a particularly rainy area, this is will be perfect. You don’t have to buy more rain barrels and daisy chain them together. Plus, it has a planter top that allows you to display small plants. It’s a rain barrel and pot in one.

The self-draining planter top adds a new dimension of beauty to your garden. Of course, the barrel itself is a thing of beauty as it mimics a cut tree bark. This rain barrel features two spigots. This setup allows you to use a hose and to draw water from the barrel using the other spigot.


  • Excellent tree bark look that helps beautify your garden
  • Planter top gives you more space to showcase your favorite plants
  • Two spigots
  • Meshed screen to keep debris and insects out
  • Diverts water away from your foundation
  • Covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Some users complain that the planter box usually gets filled and you cannot drain it

9. Algreen 81113 Castilla Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot

Algreen 81113 Castilla Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot

The Algreen 81113 Castilla Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot looks like a giant water jar and we mean that as a compliment. Not only does it hold 50 gallons (189 liters) of rainwater, but it’s a sight to behold as well.

You can add this to your garden to decorate it. It’s clean-looking and elegant, plus it’s made with durable roto-molded plastic. It’s meant to stay in your garden for a long time. This rain barrel measures 23 by 33 inches (58.42 by 83.8 centimeters) and has a dark brown color. It also includes a spigot and a screen guard.


  • Looks great with its old water jar design
  • Durable materials were used to manufacture this rain barrel


  • Some customers received a product with a plastic spigot instead of brass
  • Customer service can be improved

10. Enginuity 2051202 100 Gallon Rain Barrel with Diverter Kit

enginuity 2051202

There are also rain barrel kits available for those who like to have more control over their rainwater harvesting. The Enginuity 2051202 100 Gallon Rain Barrel with Diverter Kit includes everything you need to set the product up, including a diverter, and connectors.

A diverter is a great way to ensure that if your rain barrel gets filled with rainwater, the excess will go out the front instead of the back. This will direct the water away from your foundation.

The kit has the liners, panels, and a high-volume spigot. all parts will snap together, so you wouldn’t need tools. The finished rain barrel measures 19 by 21 by 21 inches (48.3 by 53.3 by 53.3 centimeters) and will hold up to 100 gallons of rainwater.


  • A big capacity rain barrel


  • Needs installation

The Best Rain Barrel: The Features You Should Consider

When buying a rain barrel, there are some things that you should consider.


Plastic is one of the more popular materials for rain barrels. It’s lightweight yet very durable. It’s also very affordable and can come with a variety of eye-catching designs.

There are also rain barrels that are made with ceramics or stoneware. But these are usually smaller and hold less water than plastic rain barrels. As such, they are more decorative.

You should also be careful not to break them. As such, we cannot recommend ceramic rain barrels for those people who want to harvest rainwater. Another type of rain barrel that will be difficult to recommend are metal ones. While you can certainly use metal rain barrels for collecting rainwater, it can be heavy to move around and it corrodes over time.

Wooden rain barrels can be an excellent choice. They give your outdoor space a rustic look. However, choose rain barrels that use wood that has properly been treated so that they don’t rot.


Depending on where you live, choose the right capacity for your rain barrel. For those who reside in areas that have a lot of rainfall, it makes sense to get those bigger barrels that can contain more than 60 to 80 gallons, or perhaps 100 gallons or more.

Needless to say, if you do live in drier climates, then you don’t have to get a big rain barrel. This makes it less expensive for you plus you have an easier time moving a smaller barrel around.


You should make sure that your chosen rain barrel has a cover or screen that keeps insects, dust, and other debris out of your saved rainwater. It should also have a spigot or two that will make it easy to draw water from the barrel.

You might think that rain barrels are boring, but there are stylish ones that can help you beautify your garden, on top of saving water. You should also check if there’s an overflow valve, as this can help divert water away from your walls and foundation when the rain barrel breaches capacity.

When it comes to pricing, you should expect to spend around $80 for a basic rain barrel. There are cheaper options, but you should be wary of the quality.

The better designed and prettier rain barrels should cost you more than $100. Larger capacity rain barrels are also significantly more expensive.

Other Considerations

To make sure that you have the perfect rain barrel for your needs, these characteristics are also worth considering:

  • Child-proof. A rain barrel that’s filled with water is a danger to kids, pets, and other wildlife. You might want to make sure that it doesn’t fall over or that it has a locked or latched lid so that you can avoid accidental drowning.
  • Linkable. If you live in an area that receives more than average rainfall, then you should consider a rain barrel that can be linked to others. This will allow you to gather more rainwater and save more water.
  • Ultraviolet protection. Plastic, when exposed to sunlight, will become brittle and can easily break. If you’re buying a plastic rain barrel, choose one with adequate UV protection.
  • Warranty. The best rain barrels are durable, but you can’t know for sure that it won’t be defective. A warranty will allow you to exchange a defective barrel, or get a refund for it.


Question: Can you drink rainwater you collected in a rain barrel?

Answer: No, you can’t drink rainwater that you have collected in a rain barrel. This water according to the Centers for Disease Control, rainwater that falls from your roof might have some contaminants, parasites, viruses, bacteria, and chemicals. All of these can easily make you sick, so you should exclusively use it to water the plans, wash your car or clothes.

Question: Isn’t collecting rainwater illegal?

Answer: No, collecting rainwater is not illegal, but there are states that limit the amount of rainwater you can harvest. For instance, Arkansas doesn’t allow you to drink the harvested rainwater, plus your rainwater system should be designed by a professional
Colorado allows residents to collect up to 110 gallons of rainwater and the collected water should be for outdoor use and on the property where it was harvested. Further, Nevada requires you to secure a water right to collect rainwater Additionally, there are states where it’s not allowed to drink collected rainwater as it is considered greywater. Greywater is not potable and may be used only for laundry, irrigation, or flushing toilets.

The Best Rain Barrels: Get Them Today

If you want something portable and easy to move around your garden or store when not in use, buy the Goflame Rain Barrel Water Collector. Some options will make your rain barrel the perfect decoration for your garden. Such as the Kyoto 55 Gallon Sand-Stone-Look Rain Barrel and the Algreen 81113 Castilla Rain Barrel with Brass Spigot.

Further, it seems that you can’t go wrong with the Good Ideas Impressions Tree Bark Rain Barrel, which allows you to put your favorite plant at the top while also helping you harvest rainwater. If you need something that can store a lot of rainwater on its own, then get the Enginuity 2051202 100 Gallon Rain Barrel with Diverter Kit with a capacity for 100 gallons of rainwater.

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