Growing Loropetalum: How to Grow and Care for Loropetalum

Growing Loropetalum: How to Grow and Care for Loropetalum

Loropetalums are excellent additions to your garden. Some people plant them for their pretty flowers and others like their colorful leaves. Yes, this plant has both.

What’s more, loropetalums are shrubs, but you can prune them to form trees. Others have a weeping habit, which turns the leaves downward.

If you are looking to plant loropetalums, what are the things you need to know?

What Is Loropetalum?

Loropetalum goes by several names, including Chinese fringe flower and Chinese witch hazel. Its Latin name, however, is Loropetalum Chinensis. This plant is native to Japan, the Himalayas, and of course, China.

It’s a variety of witch hazel. The fringe-looking flowers give it its name, which comes from the Greek words that mean “strap” and “petal

Growing Japanese Iris: How to Grow and Care for Japanese Iris

Growing Japanese Iris: How to Grow and Care for Japanese Iris

Sometimes, there are areas in our garden where no plants thrive. It’s usually the wet and boggy areas that are empty, with only weeds growing in patches. If you have this problem, then you might be interested in Japanese irises.

There is something about Japanese iris that makes it an excellent choice for those patches of land that are too wet to nurture other plants. This plant is tolerant of boggy and waterlogged soil and can even grow in standing but shallow water.

But how exactly do you grow this flowering plant? Read on as we teach you how to care for Japanese irises, from extracting and planting the seeds to pollinating the flowers and propagating them.

Japanese Iris: What You Need to Know

japanese iris

With their large and beautiful blooms, th

Growing Crocus: How to Grow and Care for Crocus

Crocus is a well-known plant that you see late in winter through the first few weeks of spring. But it’s most distinguishable by its flowers. Crocuses are often the first ones to bloom when spring comes and their flowers take on different colors.

But how do you grow crocuses? Crocuses don’t need a lot of care if you plant these in well-draining soil, water it judiciously without giving it too much moisture that can lead to rotting. You can also fertilize your crocus when necessary.

Crocuses are often described as easy to grow, but if you want your garden to be dotted with the colors of crocus flowers, then here are the things that you should do.

Crocuses Are Beautiful


The flowers of crocuses are shaped like a cup, with petals forming upward like the sides of a bowl. But more than the shape, what makes crocuses e

11 Best Long Planter Boxes to Enhance Your Garden With

People buy long planter boxes for different reasons. For some people, their gardens, patios, or backyards may have limited space, and planter boxes are the easiest way to add more gardening areas. They put these boxes on walls, underneath windows, or on railings. For others, planter boxes allow them to work with plants more comfortably. While some may want to use planter boxes to showcase their plants.

Whatever your reason, there is a perfect long planter box for you, such as:

  • Countryside Flower Box Planter
  • DCN Plastic 2800-0-09 Window Planter
  • DR&Co Modern Rectangle Planter Box
  • Classic Home and Garden Wood Window Box
  • Cocoyard Industrial Style Elevated Metal Planter Box
  • Boldly Growing Large Wooden Raised Planter Box
  • FDW 3-Tier Wooden Elevated Planter Box
  • Best
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